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Aluminum Art

Camera Equipment and Accessories

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Flush mount Gallery Albums

Press Printed Products

Photo Gifts


Press Printed Albums


Photo Gifts


Woven Photo Products


Full Size Tapestry Throws


Full color blankets with fringe, superior quality and definition

in the photo, Jacquard woven and hand finished.


  • 54”x80” $120
  • 54”x70” $100
  • 50”x60” $95
  • 54”x40” $85


Tapestry Wall Hangings


Full color woven wall art. Fully backed with a sewn rod pocket for ease

of hanging, metal rod included. Jacquard woven and hand finished.


  • Small: 26”x34” $110
  • Large: 53”x40” $225
  • Grande: 53”x70” $325


Totes & Handbags


Totes 17”: Full color woven tote bags with black strapping.

Each tote is fully lined, Jacquard woven and hand finished.


Handbags/Purse 16”x12”: Full color woven handbag with a black handle and

magnetic closure.Fully lined and pocketed, Jacquard woven, hand finished.


  • Tote: 17” $85
  • Handbag: 16”x12” $95




Full color woven pillows come in two sizes. Each is fully corded

and backed with black fabric. Jacquard woven, hand finished.


  • 17” Pillow $85
  • 27” Pillow $120




Quilted Photo Products


The quilted products are 100% cotton, with the exception for the photo

panels, which are composed of a beautiful, low-luster white satin.


Colors available in most products:

Off-white, Sage Green, Pink, Yellow, Brick Red, Light blue, Purple


Wall Hanging

31”x31” (up to 6 photos)


Throw Quilt


50”x60” (up to 24 photos)


Twin Quilt


73”x92” (up to 60 photos)


Queen Quilt


96”x115” (up to 96 photos)


Suede Cloth Photo Pillows


16”x16” (one photo)


Pillow Shams


21”x29” (three 5x7 photos)


Quilted Photo Tote Bag


17”x14” (up to 8 photos)





Magnets & Buttons

F/32 Photo is excited to announce that we are able to create die-cut circle photo buttons and magnets in house! Choose from either a flat 4x6 photo magnet or our 3 inch circular magnet or pin backing. Get creative! We have found that our customers enjoy these circular buttons as Christmas ornaments too! Now offering business card sized magnets, great for small businesses and Save the Date. Ask about our design services.


4x6 Magnets

3 in Circle Magnets




1 Magnet






100 & Up






50 & Up


3 in Circle Buttons





50 & Up



Magnet Sheets


Wallet/ 8 up (2.5x3.5)

Business Card/ 10 up (2x3.5)



Same Image


Multi Image



Same Image


Multi Image


Bulk: 10 or more sheets



Same Image


Multi Image



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