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f/32 Photo now offers photographers the ability to host your images in galleries, sell to your clients, and have the orders fulfilled directly from f/32 Photo. There are two different options for this service.


External Users

f/32 Photo provide you with a user name and password to access the back end of your very own gallery account. You will receive a link for your personal gallery page that you can embed in your existing website. This results in a seamless transition for your clients as they do not leave your website to visit your gallery page and place orders. When you request to be an external user, we ask that you send us your email address, website address, and logo file so that your gallery page can be designed to blend with the look of your website. You decide what products to offer in association with each gallery, how to price your products, and how delivery will take place. You upload full resolution files so that when orders are placed, f/32 Photo will receive a full resolution file from which to print. So, once your gallery is made, you do not have to do anything else, f/32 Photo will handle the orders for you.

As an external user, payments for orders placed on your site will come directly to you. You will need to have a Paypal account in place in order to accept payments from the site. f/32 Photo will set up an account for you where lab charges will be accrued from orders. We ask that you leave a credit card on file that we can use for your lab charges on a weekly basis.


As of now, there are no annual, monthly, or additional charges for an external user gallery site. You are only responsible for your lab charges.


To sign up as an External User, please email us at print@f32photo.com with your email address, website address, and logo file (jpg, psd, or png) and we will send you sign in information and directions on how to set up your site.


Download instructions for setting up your External User account



Internal Users

If you do not have a website or just do not wish to host the gallery on your site, you may sign up as an Internal User. This means that your Gallery page is hosted on the “Galleries” page of the f/32 Photo website. You will receive a user name and password to access the back end of your gallery page and upload your images. You may still organize your galleries by category and assign what products are available for each gallery as well as pricing for each product.


All payments for Internal Users will come through f/32 Photo. Once we deduct for lab charges and Paypal charges, we will distribute payment to you for your orders twice a month provided there is at least $50 in your account to be distributed. If there is less than $50 in your account, the account balance will only be distributed once a month. We can transfer payment straight to your Paypal account or cut a check. There is a $5 administrative fee for each payout distributed. However, there are not other fees at this time.


Unlike External Users, Internal Users do not have control over the distribution options for their orders. Customers can choose to have the orders shipped or pick them up at f/32 Photo.


To sign up as an Internal User, please email us at print@f32photo.com with your email address, logo file (if you have one), and what name you would like to use to identify your gallery (It is the name that will be listed over your thumbnail image. Visit the “Galleries” page at www.f32photo.com for examples).


Download instructions for setting up your Internal User account


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