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Do you have old family photos that have seen better days that you would love to have restored to their original state? Maybe you need a head swap for that one child that would never look at the camera at the same time as everyone else. Or a background change for a snapshot that you love, but it has a busy and distracting backdrop. We can take care of all of these things for you at f/32.


Our restorations start at $15 and increase in cost depending upon difficulty. The restoration cost does not include the scanning cost, which is an additional $1.25 for photos under 11x14. After the restoration is complete, you may choose to have prints made or have the restored image saved to a CD for future prints for an additional $14.95


Restorations must be brought into the store for quotes. Due to the nature of the work, we cannot quote these over the phone without actually seeing the photo.


All restoration orders require a 50% deposit due at the time of order.


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