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Scanning Services

We offer a variety of custom scanning services for prints, film, and slides. In addition to the services listed below, we also offer Shoebox scanning for large quantities of prints. For information on Shoebox scanning, click here.



Scan & Print from Photograph or Print

Original Size


Up to 8x10


Up to 11x14


Over 11x14


Add files to CD


Add files to DVD


*Prices do not include print or image file


Scan to CD – 35mm Film


Full Roll Scan at time of film processing


Cut Negatives per Strip


Individual Image





Scan Slides





1 to 24

$1.25 each

25 to 100

$1.00 each

101 to 250

$.75 each

251 to 500

$.50 each

501 to 1000

$.40 each

1001 to 2500

$.30 each

2501 and up

$.25 each

CD of all scanned images

$5.00 per CD

DVD of all scanned images

$10.00 per DVD

Slideshow of scanned images up to 100 images with generic music


Additional images over 100 in the slideshow

$.25 per image

Add custom music and title slides to slideshow


Additional copies of slideshow


8 1/2x11 index prints of scanned images (20 images per sheet)

$1.99 per sheet


Shoebox Scanning

What is it? It’s the process of converting a large quantity of prints to digital format for the purposes of preservation, sharing, and printing your memories and story. You know, that shoebox full of pictures you have in your closet and feel guilty about because you don’t really know what to do with them? Bring them to us and we will help you with that problem!


We scan your loose prints ranging in size from 2.5x3.5 to 8x12 at 300dpi and save them as jpg files on cd or dvd. This will allow you to reproduce them at a size at least equal to the original and in most cases somewhat larger. It also allows you to share your images online, carry them on your phone, and make copies for safekeeping, All scanning is done in house, so you don’t have to worry about your precious memories being shipped to another location.


Images are scanned in random order, additional charges will apply if specific order is required. Service time is 3-5 business days.


Shoebox Scans (minimum order $25)


1000 or more prints

$0.15 per print

500 – 999 prints

$0.20 per print

300 – 499 prints

$0.25 per print

200 – 299 prints

$0.30 per print

100 – 199 prints

$0.40 per print

50 – 99 prints

$0.50 per print

DVD slideshow (generic music)


DVD slideshow (custom music & backgrounds with titles)


Additional Cds

$4.99 each

Additional DVDs

$7.99 each

Index Print (8.5x11 - 20 images per page)

$1.99 per page


For information on individual scanning of images, scanning images outside this size range, or scanning negatives and slides, please click here.


Click here for preparation requirements for your shoebox scans.


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